We havnt got any relation after the pregnancy and its now two years. After the second talaaq the husband still has the right of ruju aand has to make ruju. He had copied the matter from a friend and sent it to me through email this 1st talaq and immediately before iddath period was over he told me that your still my wife and i take you back. Wa alaykumus salaam go to any of your local ulema bodies and ask them to grant you a faskh of the nikaah. I only went ahead with it because everyone said that usually that mufti is very successful at treating these marraige problems. 2months ago meri n mere husband ki larai ho gai then i went to my parents home and after1month he send me talaq paper in which is mentioned talaq 3time(talaq,talaq,talaq). 1) if i am out of pocket for aqiqa can i borrow some money for it as i heard its very virtuous to do it on 7th day after birth & i pay the money off after some time. Few time ago my husband uttered “azaad” word in a fight. Tum apnay ghar chali jai (you go your home) 4. You often say some thing which is not remember is not to worry about. Meri walid or walida unsy isi bat par narza hoty hain k yahan rehty hoi har taklef hoti hy magar jab apny bahi k ghr jana hoto foran tayyar hojati hain. My husband checked from daruliftaa-binori town, darul iftaa-jamiatur rasheed, jaamia binoria. Agar tien baar lafze talaaq likhte he aur biwi ko dete he tu tien talaaq hojaate he. English mri itni achi na ha is wjha sa urdu ma post kr rha ho…. But kindly tell me in this scenario what is true. Wa alaykumus salaam they stand the way they stood. Please let me know that as he came for ruju n went with a friendly mood but i m still at my mother’s place…. It has been a year since the divorce was granted to me by canadian law.

It can cause you to recite the kalimah at the time it is most neededi. By listening to one side is not permissible to give a verdict as there is denal from one party free no sighn up man to man chat . I said these words in normal mode without the intention of divorce. I dont know exactly about her monthly period, i think that it is on starting of month. By: syed muhammad rumi on july 7, 2010 at 9:34 am reply a. Also, if we go ahead with the divorce he will be moving out to live with his relatives, so will i have to still remain in that house or can i go back to my mothers house. I said to him according to my knowledge that this is 2 divorce he said no this is one. Salaam i got married two weeks ago as my family wants. I was wondering if someone with knowledge of fiqh here can tackle my issue. Could you please let me have your opinion on this and hadith to back it up including the diffrent schools of thought on this thank you in advance and may allah reward and giude you armeen. Main nay kaha naheen may tumhar shohar naheen hoon (mairee neeyat talagh kee naheen thee). Jahan mein ney roman urdu mein mun o aun alfaz ko likha hey jawb wohi he jo bata chuks hoon. Every other alim or mufti keeps wanting to give me taweez which i do not want to take. Sahaabah ka ijma huwa sayyidina umar ra ke zamaane men ks 3 talaaq 3 hi he. In the next 3 months the council sent me and my husband 3 notices for settlement but it wouldent happend altough after sending me divorse papers my husband wanted to take me back but due angerness or for other reasons could not do so ispite of his wish. I received your answer but recently i have started to experience bad thoughts and started assuming in my head that what if i am actually divorced. By him uttering the word “i divorce you” thereafter the second talaaq takes place free no sighn up man to man chat . Phr 2 din bad dubra bat hoi unho na mujha apni mujburi baty,,,ma mann gya….

The wife asking for talaaq has no bearing on the issue. Wswrwb ass salam allekum, couple of days ago me and my wife had a fight when she wanted to go to her mother’s house. By breaking the command of allah we are defying the decision of allah.invoices free uk dating.
. I await your kind advice so i know what to do in order to help relieve my fear of allah ta’allah. Its hard to to get thoughts out of my head because its true we argued alot and spoke about splitting up but its very hard to remember exactly what was said. Assalamalaikum, after 4 months of marriage we separated, due to many problems in marital life. I lived with in laws and he lived in someother city for work. In the light of shariah & according to circumstances explained above if i marry any other woman will she also be divorced. Once the anger subsides you have the right to nullify the condition. Uss na kaha kay aap ka mujh pay koee haq hay ya naheen. Wa alaykumus salaam your questions have been answered on the site. Yes it will be preferable to ask for consent prior to doing so to prevent any complications and unnecessary problems. ’ merely to confirm if he can utter those words in englsh i got scared and told him but dont use those words he said khuda janta hain meri niyyat main bas poonch raha tha khuda ko malum hai. Wasalam wa alaykums salaam to be safe go to any aalim and ask him to see in the matter and give you a fskh (nullification of the marriage,). So clash occured and she turned back to her home. But again he got misunderstanding and he is still fighting with me that u have to come urself , i cant come to pick u, as my 3rd menstrual pause is nearly to be started. .Who demi lovato dating.

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